Bombchele Books


It was brought to my attention that people were able to copy my book from this website and after being concerned someone would take my book for their own, I was forced to make a move once again.

I want to make a special dedication from this website to DanishaClark from Wattpad. She is the one that gave me the idea to start my own website where I had no limits and I am so happy she did! Thanks Girl! You Rock! I was tired of everyone telling me what content I was allowed to post in my stories! So, here I am! I created this site for my very own Adult books! So welcome to my site and please take your time to look around! A Little about ME: I am 32 yr old mother of 4, Bombchele is a nickname some very special people gave me and it just seemed to stick...I thought it was acatchy website title too! LOL If I didnt have any readers I would stop writing because without readers there is no story right? I Take my writing seriously and I guess you could say my dream is to one day get published. I know most of stuff here on this site probably isn't published material but that is ok, I enjoyed writing it!